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We are MingSheng Hardware

MingSheng Hardware Manufacturing group, established in 2004, provides injection moulds, dia casting moulds for other manufacturers and industrial clients. Also, we has been manufacturing both consumer product accessories and industrial hardwares for our global clients using aluminum alloy die/sand casting and zinc die casting.

  • We value integrity and responsibility
  • Commitment to waste elimination and value creation
  • Industrial experiences based skills and techniques
  • More than 200 business clients globally
  • We always work with our clients as a team
  • We develop and grow with our clients
Our Products

MS Value Proposition

Collaborated Development

From customer development team to engineering and design team, we work closely with our clients to reach customers’ needs and goal, and simplify decision-making.

Performance-driven Quality

We are committed to provide excellent performance and quality for our customers within required boundaries. It is more than just a goal, it is our value.

Extensive Experiences

Our team of skilled and experienced people have worked hundreds of different projects. We have extensive experiences to cater our customers’ requirements.

Latest News


MingSheng Hardware 7 Years on Alibaba International

MingSheng Hardware has been on Alibaba for 7 years and still continues to expend and grow globally with our clients.

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MingSheng Hardware New Website Launch

Today, MingSheng Hardware just launches our new cooperate business website with all new responsive design and contents optimization.

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MingSheng Hardware has been doing a wonderful job during the years we have been doing business. They have been one of our most reliable supplier for automobile parts manufactures. The quality of products, on-time production schedule and effective communication have help our business growth over years. We highly recommend MingSheng Hardware for Aluminum Alloy casting products.
Cheryz Cruz Procurement Manager
One of their most amazing services besides just manufacturing products is their technical team’s effective cooperation with us to improve our design and make small revisions after our development needs is communicated. I have never worked with another company that is able to do this. Great aluminum alloy hardware company from design to mass production.
John Walker R&D Director
MingSheng Hardware offers a variety of industrial machine parts customization. We outsource many of our products to MingSheng, and we have been working together more than five years now. They have been doing a great job! We highly recommend them for apparel accessories.
Frank Furious Apparel Designer
Delivered 3000+ projects over 15 years for our amazing clients, if you interested? Contact Us